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Other stuff

Animals we like -

The Crocodile Specialist Group - A resource for people interested in crocodile research around the world

CITES Guide to Crocodilians - A dichotomous key to the extant crocodilians - Crocodilian natural history and conservation

Lubee Bat Conservancy - Bat conservation, research and education

Organization for Bat Conservation - Includes the 'vamp cam'

Podcasts we like -

The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe - An informative and entertaining podcast that examines topics from a scientific perspective

Quirks and Quarks - In depth interviews with working scientists

Liar City - "Everybody lies. Some are terrible at it.  Some do it frighteningly well."

You Are Not So Smart - A celebration of self delusion


BedTools - genome file manipulation

SamTools - genome file manipulation

RepeatMasker - search files for TEs

RepeatModeler - de novo TE identification 

FaBox - manipulate fasta files

RepBase - a TE database

GitHub - software collaboration

Software and websites we commonly use - 

XYplorer - a Windows Exporer replacement

Perl - programming language

Python - programming language

BioEdit - sequence manipulation

Notepad++ - text/script editing

Dropbox - file sharing

BLAST - sequence database searching

TeamViewer - remotely control your computer