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Genomes and Society

Genomes and Society (BIOL 4301) - Syllabus

In Class Debate Topics and Resources

    Debate organization for this class

    Logical fallacies to avoid


        Dilemmas of Genetic Information

        Whom to Trust with Genes on the Menu

        The Politics of Bioethics

        The Monster in the Public Imagination


Links from Unit 1 - Biological Concepts - slides

Unit 2 - Genome Mapping & Assembly - slides

Unit 3 - Genome Analysis GWAS - slides

Unit 4 - Genome Analysis Ancestry and Identification - slides

Intellectual Property presentation by Cameron Smith

Unit 5 - skipped

Unit 6 - Genome Analysis, Non-human Applications - slides

Unit 7 - Genome Manipulation - slides
       CRISPR animation

Unit 8 - Genetically Modified Organisms - slides
       Science vs. GMOs 
       GMO mosquitos

Unit 9 - Genomic Medicine - slides
      RadioLab, Funky Hand Jive